Carnival events

Enjoy the best events Curaçao’s Carnival season has to offer. Remember, they’re best experienced by joining in and dancing to your heart’s content.

Jan 6 | Curaçao Festival Center

Opening Curaçao Carnival Season 2024

We are just as ready as you are. It’s finally here and we cannot wait any longer to open our 2024 Carnival Season with you.

Jan 13 | Curaçao Festival Center

Youth Tumba Festival

Curaçao’s youngest Tumba singers compete for the honor of being named this year’s Youth King- or Queen of Tumba.

Jan 19 | World Trade Center

Election Teen Carnival King & Queen

Today the King and Queen of the teenagers’ carnival will be crowned in this popular pageant. 

Jan 20 | World Trade Center

Election Carnival Queen, Prince & Pancho

Who will be named the royalty of this year’s Carnival Season and be feted during the season’s events?

Jan 21 | World Trade Center

Election Youth Carnival Queen, Prince & Pancho

The youngest of us have their own Queen, Prince, and Pancho to preside over all the youth activities.

Jan 22-26 | Curaçao Festival Center

Carnival Music, Tumba Festival

The Tumba Festival is one of the biggest musical events in Curaçao and a highlight of the Curaçao Carnival!

Jan 28 | 2PM - 7PM | Willemstad

Horses Parade

The first parade of the carnival season is done on horseback through the streets of downtown Willemstad.

Feb 04 | 2PM - 7PM | Willemstad

Youth Carnival Parade

The youngest revelers walk and dance along the Carnival route. Like their older counterparts, they wear full, elaborate costumes

Feb 09 | 6PM - 11PM | Willemstad

Teen Carnival Parade

The Curaçao Carnival parade for teenagers is an evening parade and always a great street party.

Feb 10 | 3PM - 6PM | Barber

Carnival Parade of the Bandabou Region

The Bandabou region has its own parade through the streets of Barber and surrounding areas.

Feb 11 | 11AM - 7PM | Willemstad

Main Carnival Parade

The Gran Marcha is the main daytime parade of the Curaçao Carnival. Revelry guaranteed!

Feb 12 | 2PM - 8PM | Willemstad

Youth & Teen Farewell Parade

Before the final parade, the teenagers and children get a chance to say farewell to this year’s Curaçao Carnival season.

Feb 13 | 6PM - 1AM | Willemstad

Main Farewell Parade

The final parade of Curaçao’s Carnival is held in the evening – one last parade before Ash Wednesday the following day.

Feb 17 | TBD

Closing Celebration of Carnival Season

We close off the Curaçao Carnival Season where we opened it, at the Curaçao Festival Center.